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Easily set up and sell out your festival

Easily set up and sell out your festival

Eventbrite's intuitive, cost-effective ticketing platform makes it easy for festival-goers to search events and buy tickets online--and then share their excitement with friends using our built-in social media tools. We also offer an experienced team, access to sales and marketing reports, onsite mobile box office services and scanning solutions to ensure a fantastic event experience the whole way through.

For Festival & Consumer Event Organizers

  • Customize your event

    Customize your event

    Create your own branded event page with multiple ticket types, discount codes, sponsor showcase and more.

  • Be prepared on site

    Be prepared on site

    Our entry management and mobile box office technology keeps lines moving and patrons happy.

  • Secure more attendees

    Secure more attendees

    Maximize awareness and promotion of your event using our industry-leading social media tools and email marketing integration.

Other features

  • Anytime access to sales data

  • Marketing activity tracking and reports

  • Flexible remittance options

  • 24/7 customer service and support

  • Secure payment processing and PCI compliance

  • Reliable ticket scanning equipment

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The Eventbrite Experience

Global Citizen Festival
Global Citizen Festival

Ticketing Global Poverty Project’s 60,000-person benefit concert in New York City to raise $1.3 billion and tackle world poverty.

  • Maker Faire
    Maker Faire

    Supporting a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness.

  • Drink.Eat.Play


    Managing event ticketing and entry for beer festivals and popular local events around the country.

  • Euphoria Festival

    Euphoria Festival

    Selling more tickets to the best little food festival in the South.

Our Customers

  • Vans Warped Tour

    "Partnering with Eventbrite improved our experience before, during, and after the concert. Our sales were up and the data that Eventbrite was able to provide offered far more insight into our attendees than any ticketing platform we’ve used before."

    – Kevin Lyman, Creator, Warped Tour

  • Portland Auto Show
  • "Eventbrite is inexpensive, it’s flexible and it’s reliable."

    - Dan Silberstein, Drink:Eat:Play

  • Taste of DC
  • Gilroy Garlic Festival
  • "With a small staff you don't always have a lot of time to crunch numbers, so the type of information Eventbrite gives us is a total gold mine."

    - Gillian Trimboli, veteran event planner, Euphoria Festival

  • American Craft Beer Festival
  • Boston Wine Expo 2013
  • The Great Googa Mooga
  • Maker Faire

    "If your needs include ticketing, there’s only one solution you should consider: Eventbrite. Their team is incredibly responsive, and the cost is inconsequential for what you get."

    -Sherry Huss, Maker Faire

  • Beer Advocate

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