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  Born out of the Southern U.S. tradition of celebrating good times with good people, good meals and good music, NEXT PHAZE CAFE combines the jewel of American cooking  comfort foods of the South - with excellent entertainment - music like Blues, Jazz and other types of performances - in a contemporary dining space in Downtown Baltimore. At the center of Baltimore City's bustling, burgeoning and bright Downtown/Inner Harbor neighborhood, NEXT PHAZE CAFE is within easy access of parking lots/garages, attractions, businesses and more. Being much more than a chain restaurant, we provide a more unique dining experience for people looking for much more than the usual. Knowing that our guests are on their way to or from other activities, our mission is relatively straightforward: offer great food and great service in a timely way. Our in-cafe guests can enjoy meeting family, friends and associates in our upbeat and pleasant dining space. Diners on the go can appreciate the short turnaround and our on-line ordering system to help save time.