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AgileSavant is one of the top performing, top rated SAFe partners world-wide. This collection provides a complete list of our SAFe course offerings. Please view our specific course and instructor collections to narrow down your search.

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Founded in 2011 by David & Kristen Tilghman, AgileSavant is a Scaled Agile Gold Partner firm that provides training and enterprise transformation coaching services to organizations that are looking to scale lean-agile values, principles and best practices to improve time to market, quality, productivity, and employee engagement. AgileSavant has trained more SAFe certified professionals than 86% of all Scaled Agile Partners and over 95% of our SAFe candidates pass the certification exam on their first attempt! Our Enterprise Transformation Coaches and trainers have been involved in the launch of over 60 Agile Release Trains (or ARTs); thus, our training and coaching offerings aren’t limited to “book” knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework. We bring “real-world” & practical experience from many different business contexts to all of our lean-agile training and transformation engagements. A clear differentiator for us!