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How To Guide: Event Ticketing Software for Your Next Event

How To: Maximize Eventbrite's Ticketing Software

Sell tickets and much, much more with our ticketing software.


Our ticketing software offers organizers maximum control and flexibility. You can choose from multiple ticket-pricing strategies, such as early bird tickets and group discounts, collect donations for a fundraising event, set ticket capacity limits, even determine the exact times to sell tickets.


Beyond the ticketing structure, our product gives you the ability to easily manage the event settings—from privacy to the overall design of the page. As the organizer, you can set password protections, control whether the event page is public or private, and even decide if attendees can share the event with their social network. You can also customize the event page using built-in templates or design your own with our simple interface.

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Once your event page is live, you can leverage all of the Eventbrite promotional and marketing tools to notify and email attendees, implement affiliate programs and promotional codes, and encourage social sharing across your attendee network. You also have access to the wide array of partnership integrations that we have developed to make event management more efficient, such as MailChimp, Wordpress, and PaperlessPost.


Last but not least, Eventbrite's ticketing software continues to provide support leading up to and even after your event. The Event Dashboard on the Manage page is a centralized platform for you to track ticket sales, measure the performance of different marketing tactics, and build customized reports to summarize your efforts.

Eventbrite is free to sign up and get started.

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