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How To Guide: Online Invites Made Easy

How To: Send Online Invitations to Your Guests

See how easy online invites can be.


Once you publish your event on Eventbrite, click on Email Invitations on the Manage page to customize, send, and track online invitations all from one place.


As the organizer, you decide how much control you want over your online invites by either selecting a standard template or customizing the email yourself. You can also leverage our partner integrations with MailChimp and PaperlessPost for your integrated mail marketing and designer online invitation needs.


Schedule emails in advance. Simply set up attendee notification and reminder timing, create all of your emails at once, and then leave the rest to us.

online invites


After sending invites to your contact list, you can track email opens, clicks, and registrations, as well as monitor bounce rates and unsubscribes. You can also easily manage and resend your invitations.

Eventbrite is free to sign up and get started.

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