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Request a refund

Third-party event organizers create and manage the events on Eventbrite. They’re responsible for setting their own refund policies and issuing refunds. If you want a refund for your tickets, send a request to the event organizer.

Request a refund directly from your Eventbrite account

Eventbrite automatically creates an account with the email address you use to purchase tickets. If the event organizer allows refund requests for the event you purchased tickets for, you’ll see the option to request a refund in your account:

  1. Log in to Eventbrite.

  2. Go to Tickets.

  3. Find the order you want refunded, then select Request a refund.

  4. Enter your details and submit your request. The organizer should respond within five business days. 

Select Contact the organizer if you don’t see the option to request a refund or you have a question about the status of your refund request.

Refunds for postponed or cancelled events

Eventbrite requires event organizers to approve refund requests in certain situations. If the organizer denies your refund request, or if you don’t receive a response, check if your order meets one of these refund qualifications:

  • The event was cancelled within the last 45 days.

  • The event has been postponed for more than 90 days without a new date scheduled.

If your order qualifies, you have 45 days and until the event is rescheduled to contact Eventbrite through the Attendee Refund Request form. Eventbrite can only refund payments processed using Eventbrite Payment Processing (your bank statement would say EB [event title] SAN FRANCISCO CA).

Eventbrite is unable to issue refunds outside of these circumstances. If your order doesn’t qualify for a refund, contact the organizer for further help.

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