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What to do if there's a typoed email address on your Eventbrite order


Updated by Antwonne D. on 09/30/2016

Category: Attending an Event

If you registered for an event on Eventbrite but didn't receive an order confirmation email, there may be a typo in the email address on your order. eblink{Contact the event organizer=>} to resend your tickets to the correct email. All you have to do is click "Contact" on the event listing where you registered to send your request.

TIP: If you're just trying to update the information on your ticket or order, eblink{learn more about how to edit your registration information=>}.

PRO TIP: If you want to change or update the email address on your Eventbrite account, eblink{check out this Help Center article=>}.

Contact the event organizer.

If you think there's a typo in the email address on your Eventbrite order, you can eblink{send an email to the event organizer=>} by clicking "Contact" on the event listing (where you registered). Make sure to provide the following order information: 1. Name: First and last name on the order. 2. Email Address: The correct email address you attempted to enter on the order. 3. Event Name and Location: The name and location of the event you registered for. 4. Registration Date: The date you registered for the event through Eventbrite. 5. Payment Type: The type of card that was used for the purchase (Visa, MasterCard, or other payment type). 6. Last 4 Digits on the Card: The last 4 digits of the card used to purchase the tickets. Once the organizer locates and verifies your order, they can resend your order confirmation and tickets to you at the correct email address.

TIP: If you registered for a free event, don't worry about providing the payment type and last 4 digits of the card used for purchase. All you have to provide is the name, email address, event name/location, and registration date.

PRO TIP: If you prefer to call the organizer, check their event listing for a contact phone number to skip the email process. Also, if no phone number is listed, perform a Google search for the event name/title or the organizer's name (or organization) as they've listed it—they might have the information on their own website outside of Eventbrite.

Optional: Contact Eventbrite Support if the organizer hasn't responded within 1 week.

If you haven't heard from the event organizer within 1 week, you can ebmail{email the requested order information to our customer experience team=> in email address on Eventbrite order&body=Hi. I'm [[ENTER NAME]] and I registered for [[ENTER EVENT NAME]] located in [[ENTER EVENT LOCATION]]. Can you please resend my tickets to [[ENTER EMAIL ADDRESS]]? The tickets were purchased on [[ENTER DATE OF PURCHASE]] using a [[ENTER CARD/PAYMENT TYPE]], and the last 4 digits on the card are [[ENTER LAST 4 DIGITS ON CARD]].}. They'll resend your order confirmation and tickets to you at the correct email address.

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