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I'm not able to transfer my ticket to a different event or ticket type. What's wrong?

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Category: Attending an Event

If you're unable to transfer your registration, this means that the organizer has not enabled transfers, the event or ticket type you'd like to transfer to is "unavailable", or the event has already "started." For more information on the ability to transfer or change your registration, feel free to eblink{connect with the event organizer=>}.

Transfers aren't enabled.

The organizer hasn't enabled transfers or has turned them off. You may even have seen the option to transfer a few weeks ago, but organizers can opt to turn off this feature at any time.

The desired ticket isn't available.

The event or ticket type you want is unavailable. This can be because it’s sold out or because the organizer has restrictions in place around what kind of transfers they want to allow.

The event has "started."

When an event starts, it means the start date entered by the organizer is now in the past. Transfers aren't supported for events that have already begun.

TIP: eblink{Contact the event organizer=>} to see if they can accommodate your request manually.

Get more information.

If none of these apply, eblink{contact the organizer=>} for more information on their transfer settings.

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