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Refund requirements for events canceled due to COVID-19

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Category: Trust and Safety

When an event gets cancelled, Eventbrite expects organizers to offer refunds or a similar experience. If there's no communication from the organizers to attendees about the available options, attendees can request a refund through Eventbrite. Read the guidelines for organizers and attendees below for more information.

<h2 id="1">For organizers</h2> <p>If you have to cancel an event, make sure to eblink{contact your attendees=&gt;} and offer refunds or a similar experience. Read Eventbrite’s eblink{organizer refund policy requirements=&gt;} and set up a eblink{refund policy=&gt;} to avoid confusion with your attendees and Eventbrite.</p> <h3 id="1-1">1. Issuing refunds for canceled events</h3> <p>You can issue refunds at any time by following eblink{these steps=&gt;}. After issuing refunds to all your attendees, you can eblink{cancel your event in our system=&gt;}.</p> <h3 id="1-2">2. Offering other resolutions</h3> <p>Beyond refunding, you can eblink{reach out to your attendees=&gt;} and offer other solutions. Here are some suggestions:</p> <ul><li>eblink{Postpone the event=&gt;} instead of canceling it.</li><li>eblink{Transfer them to another event.=&gt;}</li><li>eblink{Give a discount for a future event=&gt;}. You can even eblink{offer a gift certificate through our integration with Gift Up!=&gt;}</li></ul> <p>If you decide to offer alternatives to refunds, make sure you:</p> <ul><li>Confirm the alternate resolution is acceptable.</li><li>Are confident you will be running future events (when offering discounts or transfers).</li><li>Let Eventbrite know that you worked out an alternate solution in your eblink{refund policy=&gt;}. This helps to better support you and your attendees.</li></ul> <p>If you are using the eblink{Classic Create experience=&gt;}, you can let Eventbrite know about alternate solutions under eblink{“Payments and Payouts”=&gt;}. You will continue to receive order-level email notifications when a refund has been requested.</p> <h3 id="1-3">3. Seeing refund requests from Eventbrite</h3> <p>Attendees might contact Eventbrite to request a refund instead of reaching out to you. You can view those requests and the results in a separate report.</p> <ol><li>Go to your Event Dashboard.</li><li>Select “Orders” (under “Manage attendees”).</li><li>Click &quot;Escalated refunds&quot; to download the report.</li></ol> <p>View:</p> <ul><li>Buyer details (name, email, order ID, etc.)</li><li>Refund status</li><li>When the attendee requested a refund</li><li>When the request was last updated Eventbrite refunds orders to canceled events on your behalf in some cases.</li></ul> <p>For more information on this, see Eventbrite’s eblink{organizer refund policy requirements=&gt;}.</p> <h3 id="1-4">4. Payouts for canceled events</h3> <p>When an event is canceled, eblink{Eventbrite’s Merchant Agreement=&gt;} requires refunds for all ticket sales. However, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Eventbrite gave your attendees the option to donate their tickets or accept a refund alternative instead. To assist you through the process of receiving any remaining funds, please wait 14 days from the date you communicated the event cancellation to attendees. Then, submit your payout request eblink{here=&gt;}.</p> <h2 id="2">For attendees</h2> <p>At Eventbrite, our event organizers set their own refund policies. However, due to eblink{COVID-19=&gt;}, we have a new process for canceled events. This affects any canceled event that was going to take place between March 15th, 2020 and April 15, 2021 and any orders purchased before March 15th, 2020. As always, reach out to the organizer first to see when or how they are offering refunds or refund alternatives. If the organizer is unable to provide a refund or similar experience, eblink{let us know=&gt;}.<br><br>Given the severe impact COVID-19 has taken on the live events industry, we encourage donating your ticket funds directly to the event creator. If you’d like to do this, please eblink{contact the organizer=&gt;} to let them know. On behalf of our creators, Eventbrite sincerely thanks you.</p> <h3 id="2-1">1. Requesting a refund for a canceled event</h3> <p>First, eblink{request a refund in our system=&gt;}. If you are unable to request a refund, view the event page and any communication from the organizer. They may already be preparing to issue refunds or offer other similar experiences. If you don’t see any communication from the organizer, eblink{contact them directly=&gt;} to request a refund.</p> <h3 id="2-2">2. Contacting Eventbrite</h3> <p>We have a new process for events canceled due to COVID-19. First, check if your order meets the following requirements:</p> <ul><li>The event is canceled.</li><li>The event was scheduled to take place between March 15th, 2020 and April 15, 2021.</li><li>You purchased the order before March 15th, 2020.</li><li>It has been less than 45 days since the organizer canceled the event.</li></ul> <p>If you meet these requirements and the organizer says they are unable to issue a refund or offer a similar experience, eblink{fill out this form=&gt;}. Due to the high amount of requests, please allow up to 8 weeks to hear back. If approved, the funds will arrive in your account within 5 - 7 business days.</p>

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