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How to use Eventbrite Payment Processing

Eventbrite Payment Processing is the default method of collecting payment for your event, and it's usually the least expensive option for paid events. It's the easiest way to process online payments and has the highest purchase conversion rate for attendees. Check out an overview of the setup and payout processes below.

TIP: A number of Eventbrite’s features, such as eblink{Reserved Seating=>}, eblink{Registration Transfers=>}, and eblink{taking credit card payments at your event with the Eventbrite Organizer App=>}, are only available with Eventbrite Payment Processing. eblink{See a full list of features exclusive to Eventbrite Payment Processing=>}.

1. Go to the "Manage" page for your event.

After eblink{logging in=>} and eblink{creating an event=>}, click or tap on your event from the "Manage Events" page. Then select "Manage" to go to your event's "Manage" page.

2. Select "Payment Options".

On your event's “Manage” page, select “Payment Options” from the option menu on the left side of the page.

3. Select Eventbrite Payment Processing.

Once you're on the "Payment Options" page, select Eventbrite Payment Processing from the "Select payment processor" drop-down menu. Enter the bank account information where you'd like your payout delivered. Make sure to click "Save Changes" when you're finished!

4. Add a payout method.

With Eventbrite Payment Processing, you have two options for how to get paid: • Direct deposit (the fastest) • Check mailed to you (we just need your mailing address) We can deposit funds directly into an individual or company account if you provide this information: • Name on the account • Physical address (sorry, no P.O. boxes can be accepted for security reasons) • Bank account type • Bank name • Routing number • Account number • IBAN and BIC numbers for events in non-USD/CAD currencies ​Please enter all of this information carefully to avoid any delays on your payout.

TIP: IBAN and BIC fields are required when displayed.

PRO TIP: You have the option of giving your bank account a nickname. This is especially useful if you use multiple bank accounts and want to easily keep track of them.

NOTE: Payout details are entered on a per-event basis and there isn't a way to apply your payout details account-wide to each event created under your Eventbrite account.

5. You're all set!

eblink{When attendees register for your event=>}, they'll enter their billing information on the checkout page for your event and answer any eblink{custom questions=>} you've created before finalizing their order. That's it!

6. Review your payout email and issue any refunds to attendees.

After your event, Eventbrite will send you a confirmation email with the details of your event revenue and payout information. You have 72 hours (3 days) from the end of your event to process any eblink{refunds=>} and make any adjustments.

7. We'll start processing your payout 4-5 days after your event ends.

4-5 days after your event has ended, Eventbrite will start processing you a bank transfer for your total event revenue (less Eventbrite and eblink{payment processing fees=>}). You should receive the funds in your account within five business days after that, depending on your bank. It's that easy!

TIP: Need your money before the event ends? With the eblink{Professional=>} and eblink{Premium=>} packages, you can eblink{request to receive Advance Payouts=>} for your events.

PRO TIP: The Payment Options page of your event will show whether your payout will start processing 4 or 5 days after the event.

NOTE: If the 4-5 day timeframe falls on a weekend, your payout will start processing the next bank day (usually Mondays except for federal holidays.)

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