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Send custom surveys with SurveyMonkey

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Integrate with eblink{SurveyMonkey=> target=_blank} to send surveys and gather feedback from attendees. The integration imports attendee email addresses right into your SurveyMonkey account, and you can benefit from SurveyMonkey's easy-to-use features and survey analytics. To get started, go to your event's Manage page. Then click Apps and select "SurveyMonkey".

<h2 id="1">1. Go to your Manage page.</h2> <p>Event creators can log into their Eventbrite account eblink{here=&gt; target=_blank}. Then select your event.</p> <h2 id="2">2. Go to &quot;SurveyMonkey&quot; (under Apps).</h2> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">TIP: If you already sent a survey, click &quot;Manage your surveys and analyze responses&quot; under &quot;2. Send template to SurveyMonkey&quot; to view results.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">NOTE: If your eblink{event schedule has multiple dates/times=&gt;}, you can only send a post-event survey for an individual event in your schedule — not all events at once. To get started, choose a date from the Individual Event Selector at the top of the Manage page.</p> <h2 id="3">3. Choose &quot;Get App&quot;.</h2> <h2 id="4">4. Allow SurveyMonkey to access your Eventbrite account.</h2> <p>By choosing &quot;Allow,&quot; you&#39;re allowing SurveyMonkey to access general information about your events (like the date, time, location, and event description). Check out eblink{Eventbrite&#39;s Privacy Policy=&gt;} and eblink{Terms of Service=&gt;} for more information. Once authenticated, you&#39;ll be brought back to your event&#39;s Manage page.</p> <h2 id="5">5. Select your survey option in Eventbrite.</h2> <p>You have several options to choose from: • Standard: You can see an example of Eventbrite&#39;s standard template under &quot;Preview.&quot; These questions can&#39;t be edited or customized.<br> </p> <ul><li>Professional: The professional template is a good option for conferences or business events. When you select professional, the word &quot;professional&quot; will be added in front of the word &quot;event&quot; in your survey questions.</li><li>Entertainment: Choose the entertainment template for events like concerts or plays. Similarly, the word &quot;entertainment&quot; will be added in front of the word &quot;event&quot; in your survey questions.</li><li>Endurance Sport: Want to find out how attendees liked your 10K? The endurance sport template is a great choice, and the words &quot;endurance sport&quot; will be added in front of the word &quot;event&quot; in your survey questions.</li><li>Create a new survey: With this option, you can create custom questions for your survey right in SurveyMonkey.</li><li>Copy an existing survey: If you already created a survey in your SurveyMonkey account, you can choose this option to copy that survey and send it out to your attendees.</li></ul> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2"><br>PRO TIP: Check out SurveyMonkey&#39;s eblink{best practices on collecting data=&gt;}.</p> <h2 id="6">6. Choose your audience. Then click &quot;Continue&quot;.</h2> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">NOTE: If you didn&#39;t eblink{collect information for all attendees=&gt;}, a survey will only be sent to the ticket buyers&#39; email — not each attendee.</p> <h2 id="7">7. Log in to SurveyMonkey.</h2> <h2 id="8">8. Continue (send now) or &quot;Schedule Later Delivery&quot; (send later).</h2> <h2 id="9">9. Analyze your survey results.</h2> <p>You can eblink{analyze your survey results=&gt;} in SurveyMonkey.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">TIP: Many of your attendees may complete their survey using a mobile device. Check out SurveyMonkey&#39;s eblink{tips on designing your survey for mobile devices=&gt;}.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">PRO TIP: Review SurveyMonkey&#39;s eblink{best practices on how to build and manage contact lists=&gt;}.</p>

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