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How to see the status of your payout

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Updated by Antwonne D.

For events using Eventbrite Payment Processing, payouts start processing 4-5 days after your event's end date. After payouts start processing, direct deposits can take up to an additional 5 bank days to show in your account (7 bank days for bank transfers outside the U.S.). You can see the status of all your payouts in eblink{Account Settings=> target=_blank}, under the Upcoming Payouts tab of your eblink{Payouts Summary=> target=_blank}.

TIP: If you used eblink{PayPal=>} to collect payments, PayPal automatically deducts their eblink{payment processing fee=>} before depositing the funds into your PayPal account. For questions about your payout, you can eblink{get in touch with PayPal's support team=>}.

NOTE: Payouts are initiated 5 days after your event's end date, but can only start processing on bank days. If the 5th day falls on a weekend or eblink{U.S. federal bank holiday=>}, your payout will start processing on the next bank day. Payouts don’t process on holidays and weekends.

1. Go to Account Settings.

Account Settings is the last option in the account menu.
Account Settings is the last option in the account menu.

After you eblink{log in=> target=_blank}, access the account menu, then select "Account Settings."

NOTE: If your event has multiple dates and times, be sure to choose a date in the "Individual Date Selector" at the top of the "Manage" page to view the status of your payout for a specific event in your schedule.

2. Go to "Payouts Summary" (under Organizer).

The payment status box is located near the bottom of your Event Dashboard.
The payment status box is located near the bottom of your Event Dashboard.

In the options menu, select Organizer and go to eblink{Payouts Summary=> target=_blank}.

TIP: If your eblink{event schedule has multiple dates and times=>}, payouts are initiated 5 days after each individual event's end date, just like our normal payout schedule.

PRO TIP: You'll be paid in the eblink{currency=>} you used to collect payment from your attendees, and your bank must be located in the country/region supporting the currency in order for your funds to be processed.

NOTE: If you don’t see the "Payment Status" section on your Event Dashboard and do see an alert asking you to update your payment information, you'll need to eblink{enter payout details=>} to receive your funds.

3. Check the status of payouts that are currently processing.

If you’re checking on the status of a payout that already started processing, you can get more information on the “Payouts” tab. Enter the event name in the search bar and click on the relevant payout to get more information. The above letters correspond to: • A: Under eblink{Payout method=>} you can see the bank account that we’re sending your funds to. If you’re waiting on a payout and use multiple bank accounts, it’s best to verify to which account the payout is being sent to. • B: The “Expected sent date” gives you the date of when we’ve sent off the payout to your bank. From there it may still take a few days until your bank has processed the payout and deposited it in your account. • C: The status shows the current state of your payout. Scroll down to Step 5 of this article for a breakdown of all payout statuses and what they mean. • D: The “Payout ID” is a unique ID that Eventbrite assigns to your payout. If you have questions about your payout and need to eblink{contact Eventbrite=>}, you can give this number to quickly find the right payout. • E: The “Expected arrival date” is Eventbrite’s best estimate of when your payout will arrive in your account. Please remember this is an estimate—because your bank needs to process the payouts we send you, we can’t guarantee it’ll arrive on this date.

TIP: Take a look at our eblink{article on viewing and exporting itemized payouts=>} for a full breakdown of the different elements of your Payouts Summary.

4. See your upcoming payouts.

Click “Upcoming Payouts” to see a list of all the events that’ll be paid out.

NOTE: Make sure to eblink{enter your payout details=>} to ensure your payout is initiated on the date listed under “Next Payout.”

5. Understand the status of your payout.

The date of payout is 4-5 days after your event's end date, which is the same day Eventbrite initiates your payout. However, the time it takes for the funds to be posted in your account varies depending on your bank. You can find out what we know about where your payout stands with the following statuses: • Processing: Processing means we’re preparing your payout, which means batching and delivering the direct deposit request to our bank, or printing and posting the check (For checks: U.S. only; sent via USPS and subject to standard mail delivery times). • Sent: Your payout has been sent to your bank account. It’ll arrive in your account once your bank completes processing. You should see funds in your account within 5 bank days (7 bank days for bank transfers outside the U.S.). • Cancelled: This payout has been cancelled. A new payout will be issued and should appear as a new, separate line item. • eblink{Returned=>}: This means we attempted to send your payout, but the direct deposit didn't go through. From your Event Dashboard, scroll to Payout Status and select "verify and reenter your banking information" to eblink{check that your payout details are correct=>}, then eblink{reissue your payment=>}.

NOTE: If you requested a check payout and the check is returned, your payout status won't change, but you should receive an email from Eventbrite with instructions on how to eblink{update your payout details=>} and reissue your payout.

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