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How to find and join an existing event group

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Category: Attending an Event

If you’re going to an event that allows attendees to register with groups (like teams), you can either join an existing group or register as an individual on the event listing.

TIP: Depending on the organizer's event settings, you might see the term team, company, organization, or association instead of the word "group."

1. Find the event listing and click Tickets.

Once you're on the event listing, click "Tickets".

TIP: If you already registered for the event as an individual, eblink{learn how to change teams or start the transfer process=>}.

2. Click Group.

Select "Group" to find a group to join or create your own group.

3. Search for the group name.

Any matches will appear as you type. When you see the group you want to join, select it from the drop-down menu.

4. Choose your ticket and select a quantity.

Find the ticket you'd like and click the quantity dropdown to select a number of tickets. Then click Checkout to continue.

5. Fill out the registration form.

You'll see that the "Registration Information" section should reflect your information (if logged in to your Eventbrite account). If not, simply enter the information requested by the event organizer for their event.

NOTE: If you selected more than 1 ticket, each ticket section (e.g., Ticket #1 - General Admission) should be filled out with specific attendee information for the people you’re registering.

6. Complete your registration.

Once you've filled out all of the information requested by the organizer for the event, click Complete Registration to finish up. That's it!

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