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How to edit and manage your group page

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As a group manager, you can edit group page details and set a password, as well as communicate with group members and send invites. To get started go to the eblink{Tickets=>} page of your Eventbrite account. Scroll to Groups and select your group. If you registered as an individual and want to create a new group, eblink{here's how=>}

1. Check your group type before you start.

After logging in, select the Account Menu and choose "Tickets". Event organizers may refer to a group type as: • Group • Team • Organization • Company • Association In this article, we will refer to the group type as “Group” for clarity. Scroll to "Groups and Fundraising" and select your group name to view or manage your group.

2. Edit group details.

Update the group description by selecting “Edit description”. Change the group name by selecting “edit group info”. You may also see the option to edit your preferred start time under “edit group info” if this has been turned on by the organizer.

3. Set a password for your group.

The option to create a password will appear when you create your group. If you don’t see this option, it means the organizer does not have group passwords turned on. If you want to create a password later or change an existing password, click “edit group info”.

4. Email existing group members.

Select "Email" under Group Manager Tools to get started. If you only need to contact a single group member, select the envelope next to their name. Otherwise, your message will be sent to all members of the group.

5. Invite others to join your group.

Select "Invite" under Group Manager Tools. Group invitations contain a default message, but we encourage you to customize the subject line and message.

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