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Getting started with Reserved Seating and the Eventbrite Venue Designer

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Updated by Devin W.

Feature Availability: This article discusses a feature only available for Eventbrite Professional and Premium organizers.
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With eblink{Reserved Seating=>}, you can sell tickets for specific seats at events of all kinds, from music concerts to gala fundraisers. Enable Reserved Seating on the Edit page and use Venue Designer to create a Venue Map from a template or from scratch in just two steps. Then sell tickets based on the best seats in the house or allow attendees to pick their seats!

1. Make sure you're ready.

You’ll have the best (and fastest) experience with the Venue Designer with a bit of preparation: • Reserved seating is currently only available for events using eblink{Eventbrite’s Payment Processing=>}. • Reserved seating is not available for eblink{events with multiple dates/times added to the event schedule=>}. • Reserved seating is not available for eblink{donation ticket types=>}. • Reserved seating is not available through the eblink{ticket widget=>}. • If your event is being held at an established venue that doesn’t currently have an Eventbrite Venue Map set up, request a PDF of the venue map from the venue manager (to reference when you use Venue Designer to recreate the venue map). Also check if there are any obstructions you should know about, or do a location tour to make note of things like exits and bathroom locations. It’s very important that your seats match the real venue precisely — work with the venue manager to make sure everything looks good before you sell tickets. • If you’re setting up your own space, do a test run of a row or two to get an idea of how many chairs will fit comfortably. Consider where you might place things like a bar or dance floor. • If you’re running a paid event, think about how to take advantage of your layout for the best pricing strategy. Knowing what kinds of tickets you want to sell can speed up completion.

TIP: While not optimized, the following browser versions are supported when using Venue Designer: • Firefox 35 and higher • Safari 7.1 and higher • Internet Explorer 11 and higher • iOS 8.1 and higher (Safari mobile & Chrome 19 mobile) • Android 37 (Chrome 40 mobile)

2. Turn Reserved Seating on.

After eblink{creating an event=>}, get started by turning Reserved Seating on in Step 2: Create Tickets.

TIP: Reserved Seating can only be turned on before your event is published.

NOTE: Using Eventbrite's Venue Designer is a completely free feature. If you run a paid event, just our eblink{normal fees apply=>} to your ticket sales.

3. Choose an existing template or select New Venue Map.

You’ll use the two steps of Venue Designer to: • eblink{Build a Venue Map=>} with sections, set up tables, and add objects • eblink{Create ticket types=>}

NOTE: We’ll do an automated Final Review to make sure everything looks good before returning you to the Edit page to finish creating your event!

4. Optional: Allow attendees to pick their seats

With this option, attendees choose a ticket and select specific seats on your Venue Map. If disabled, attendees are automatically assigned the best seat available.

PRO TIP: If you allow attendees to pick their own seats, the following browser versions support picking seats: • Chrome 41 and higher • Firefox 36 and higher • Safari 8 and higher • Internet Explorer 11 and higher

NOTE: Attendees can't pick their own seats on mobile at this time.

5. Optional: Show your Venue Map on the event listing.

With this option, the Venue Map preview under Step 2: Create Tickets (on the Edit page) appears on your event listing.

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