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Other — Perfect for Conferences

When it comes to surveys and data collection, SurveyMonkey is the undisputed market leader. They built their position with a focus on simplicity, analytics, and delighting the customer (Hey – that sounds familiar!).

That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to offer integrated services to make it easier to gather event feedback!

With this integration, we’ve created:

1.) One-click List Importing: Reduce the steps and hassle of following-up after the event. With Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey, you can easily convert your event attendees into survey recipients with just one click.

2.) Custom Survey Templates: Learn more about your attendees by using our event specific templates. Developed by Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey’s methodology experts to help you ask all the right questions.

3.) Filer attendees so you only send the survey to those who registered or only those who attended and were checked-in.

4.) All Your Tools In One Convenient Place: Access the ‘Survey Attendees’ option on the Manage tab of your Eventbrite event. You can set up your survey any time after your event is published.

United Kingdom and Ireland support coming soon! Stay tuned!

How do I get started? 

The SurveyMonkey integration is unique because it has to be accessed within your Eventbrite account. To use the integration, go to the event that you want to send a survey for and navigate to "Attendee Surveys" within the "Manage" tab.