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CRM — Perfect for Conferences

The brand new EventbriteSync app provides a seamless integration between Eventbrite and the leading CRM solution, Salesforce, helping you track and manage your events with all your other marketing, sales, or support activities.

With EventbriteSync, event organizers can:

  • Seamlessly import event data into Salesforce to better track their customers through events and marketing campaigns;
  • Effortlessly sync Eventbrite data with Salesforce through real-time, automated and on-demand functionality;
  • Optimize the app for their specific business processes with custom mapping that allows full control of data between Eventbrite and Salesforce; and
  • Transfer information from Salesforce to Eventbrite, to quickly create events associated with marketing campaigns.
EventbriteSync is a self-service app provided for free. Please refer to the documentation and Help Center articles on the right hand side for self-service support.