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CRM — Perfect for Conferences

Event2CRM™ is an easy-to-use application that extends the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with the power of The hosted application enables you to Plan, Promote and Track all the key components of any event that requires ticketing or registration entirely within the CRM system. It’s that easy – No Code on Server! Setup in 15 minutes. This solution works with CRM Online 2015, CRM On Premise 2015 and CRM On Premise 2013

There are only three numbers to know about Event2CRM pricing.

  1. One Time Setup Fee - $795
  2. Annual Subscription - $1,495, includes integration between the CRM system and Eventbrite, support, application maintenance and upgrades included during the subscription period.
  3. Event Fees -- A.) Free events are $0.00 – zero cost!, unlimited free events/attendees, and B) Paid Events - Eventbrite collects a ticketing fee (2.5% of ticket value) in addition to the charge you would normally pay for the credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout fee.

Note: Our Fair Use Policy allows up to 100 free events per year, after that higher annual subscription fees apply. See us for details.