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CRM — Perfect for Non-profits and Fundraisers

Kindful is a cloud-based nonprofit software platform optimizing fundraising & donor relationships. Kindful does all of this without the gimmick of feature limitations or contracts. Kindful helps your organization increase fundraising effectiveness through all channels while providing industry-proven tools that assist you in building stronger relationships with your support base. As a hosted solution Kindful provides a secure software platform accessible anytime & anywhere you have an internet connection.This integration supports the flow of event attendees into your database by automatically creating new donor profiles or attaching unique historical data to profiles that already exist in your system. Track each unique interaction your donors have with the ticketing process & use that data to better engage them!No matter if you're a non-profit organization with hundreds of thousands of records or just getting off the ground with a few friends, Kindful has the support, tools & functionality you need to allow you to spend less time behind a computer screen & more time supporting the causes you love.

What is Kindful? 

Integration Focused: So, what does this mean for you? Has a donor opted out of your Emma email campaign? That stinks. But at least Kindful will update that donor’s communication preferences automatically. Did one of your supporters purchase an Eventbrite ticket to your next big event? Awesome! While you dance a little jig Kindful will make a note of that activity in your donor records.Data Obsessed: Think of Kindful as that kid in high school with the pocket protector. The one that got excited for math quizzes. Kindful will take your data and give you actionable steps to turn that data into donations. We think your data is pretty cool and we think you will agree when you see what we do with it.

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