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Other — Perfect for Non-profits and Fundraisers

FirstGiving has partnered with over 8,000 nonprofit organizations to help plan, execute and collect donations for successful online fundraising campaigns. By integrating their best-in-class services, Eventbrite and FirstGiving are providing a powerful way for your organization and individual fundraisers to combine money raised through events and online pledging. The result is a combination of tools that will enable a larger impact for your cause.

This integration integrates reporting for fundraising and event sales, you'll never have to combine excel reports or bust out your calculator to get a sum for total money raised. Now, your event sales and your fundraising dollars will be aggregated into your FirstGiving dashboard.

After syncing Eventbrite registration with a FirstGiving event, you can add a 'Call To Action' to your order confirmation page that will prompt registrants to setup their own fundraising page on FirstGiving. All fundraising pages set up by attendees will sync with your FirstGiving account, so that reporting and communication will be aggregated.

Can I get a walk through of FirstGiving to see the 'back-end'? 

Absolutely! FirstGiving would love to give qualified non-profits a preview of their software. Get in touch by signing up here