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Social Networking — Perfect for Festivals

When putting an event together, what would be a key feature to a successful event? Attendees, of course! Now you can generate more buzz and a clear call of action, through a Facebook application that enables organizers to embed their ticket sales directly into their own Facebook fan pages. This allows members of their Facebook page to view and purchase tickets directly. No more clicking through confusing web pages, because access to the information you need, is right there, in the most social site online.

To start selling tickets to your event, there are only 3 easy steps to follow, and they're dead simple! 

Simply create your event on Eventbrite, Connect to your Facebook fan page and lastly, Integrate with Eventbistro and voila! A ticketing widget, all set up to generate tickets for your events, straight from your Facebook fan page!  

You can now also add a tickets tab that will display a listing of all upcoming events!

Eventbistro currently supports multiple languages and Eventioz.

How much does this cost? 

This service is 100% free to use! 

Can I list all my events on one tab? 

Yes! We just added this functionality to the app.