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Designer Invitations

Syncs Events

Email Marketing — Perfect for Conferences

With EventKingdom, you can:

  1. send designer invitations and cards online.
  2. Monitor your sending and send reminders for free
  3. Sync tickets sales with Eventbrite and send reminders accordingly.

Enjoy a 15% discount code: eventbrite when purchasing your first stamps.

The animated invitations and cards from EventKingdom are the perfect medium for invitations to all kinds of events such as company celebrations, weddings, parties, concerts or conferences.

In EventKingdom you will find thousands of designer templates for many different occasions, which you can customize to your liking. You can also upload your own creations, or hire EventKingdom to create an exclusive design for you.

As usual, just create your event and the online ticket sale via Eventbrite. Then, you can import the event details and ticketing through a few clicks in EventKingdom.

We recommend resending invitations to recipients, who have yet to receive them after roughly 5 days. Resending is for free.

EventKingdom offers a collection of free card designs and designs ranging from 1 to 3 stamps per sending depending on the designer.

The total cost of an EventKingdom sending depends on the card design you choose and if you include an envelope, logos, music etc.

If you e.g. upload your own design and send your invitation card -  without the animated envelope - your sending will cost 1 stamp.

The larger the stamps package the less expensive a stamp is.

100 Stamps cost e.g. $19 and 10.000 Stamps cost $466.

Please enjoy a 15% discount code: eventbrite when you make your first stamps purchase!

All recipient monitoring and guest management features are included.

NOTE: If you choose "invitation only" on your Eventbrite event, sending EventKingdom invitations will not work.

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