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Envoy Visitor Registration

Syncs Attendees

Event Operations — Perfect for Conferences

Envoy is an elegant iPad app to help you keep track of your Event's attendees when they arrive on-site. You can optionally enable any of these features to make your event a breeze:

  • Print name badges automatically when attendees arrive
  • Allow un-registered +1s to be quickly actually registered on arrival
  • Always have a live list of who is in your building
  • If your building has a security desk that's separate from your reception, Envoy provides them an interface too -- so they know who to let in the elevator
  • Guests can optionally sign an agreement such as an NDA or Waiver using their finger
  • Notify certain people via Text Message or Email when visitors arrive
  • After the event, have a list of everybody that actually showed up for perhaps sending a Thank You email

What's more -- you can use Envoy for all your officeplace visits, not just events! This way you have one solid place to look at for anybody that has been in or out of your building.

Let Envoy help you set a fun, modern, first impression to all your visitors!

Were currently in a private beta, but for Eventbrite users, you can create an account immediately at:

Should you have any problems or feedback, we're always listening! Feel free to email us at

We also have some self-serve documentation available on our FAQ:

We're here to help you have a better event!