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Email Marketing — Perfect for Conferences

At Emma, our goal is to make it easier for marketers to get better results by uniting the many ways you reach your audience, including your event marketing. Our partnership with Eventbrite makes the process of promoting and selling tickets through email a seamless experience in your Emma account.

With this integration, you'll be able to add Eventbrite events to your emails and track the resulting ticket sales and revenue in Emma's Response section. You can choose to promote one event in detail, or include a whole list of upcoming events, each with its own purchase button. You can monitor tickets still available, total tickets sold, and tickets sold as a result of the email you sent – all broken out per event.

Here’s how to use the Eventbrite integration in Emma.

  1. In the email editor, drag the Events block from the toolbar on the left and drop it where you'd like your event to appear in your email. You'll be prompted to connect your Eventbrite account.
  2. Choose if you'd like to promote one event, or a list of upcoming events.
  3. Customize the look of your event listing.
  4. Save your event listing, and it will appear in your email.
  5. And that’s it! After you send your email, your ticket sales and revenue will appear in the Response section for that mailing.

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