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Promotion & Advertising — Perfect for Festivals

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  • Save time as Boostable completely creates and manages Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for you!
  • Dramatically increase exposure for your Eventbrite event
  • Win with our expertise and tech capabilities that allow you to retarget site visitors 

Boostable makes it easier than ever before to run sophisticated Facebook and Instagram ads custom-tailored to your event.  

Once you download the app, and all you have to do is:

1) Tell us the event you want to promote

2) Tell us your weekly advertising budget

We take it from there. Our expert team will create your ads, thoughtfully craft a target audience, launch the ads, and then monitor the campaign.

Through your campaign dashboard and via weekly e-mail updates, you’ll be able to find out how many people saw your ads and visited your event page from the ads.

Pricing: Advertising budgets start as low as $100/week. This includes a 20% fee for creating, managing, and optimizing your ads. 



“Boostable is a huge time saver. I used to spend dozens of hours working on social media ads but with Boostable, they do all the difficult and time consuming work for me, allowing me to focus on creating a first class event. ”

- California 5K Organizer

"You saved my day! This took me hours and hours before. Boostable was so easy!" 

- Baltimore Concert Promoter

"I sold more tickets with Boostable."

-Virginia Networking Event Organizer


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