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Follow-Up by Batchbook

Syncs Attendees

CRM — Perfect for Conferences

Collect and organize all of your attendee info into one sweet place, and then follow up like a champ to turn your events into powerful business opportunities.

Use Batchbook with Eventbrite to:

  • Follow up and keep in touch for event feedback, sponsorships and jaw-dropping engagement.

  • Cross-promote events to different audiences with bulls-eye precision. Psst: we work great with MailChimp, Survey Monkey, Hootsuite and tons of your other apps.

  • Take a much-needed break: we sync registrants and event details to Batchbook for you.

  • Access a full, searchable history of event participation by attendee or company. 

Try Batchbook FREE for 30 days!

Click the “Install App” button above to grab a Batchbook account now!

  1. Sign up for a free Batchbook trial (or connect your existing account).

  2. You’re all set! Now new registrants will be auto added to Batchbook for easier follow-up.

  3. Have event history stored in Eventbrite? Easily send past events or contact lists to Batchbook, where these can be searched and organized right with all your other important contact details.

Email our amazingly-helpful support team at any time with questions, ideas or a good joke.

Sign up for a FREE onboarding session, where we help set up your account and show you how other businesses use the Batchbook extension for Eventbrite.