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Amplify’s Sell By Text makes it fast and easy to sell your Eventbrite tickets to customers directly through their native text applications.*

*Currently available for US mobile subscribers only.


  • 25% of Eventbrite ticket buyers subscribe to organizers using Amplify Sell By Text
  • Eventbrite organizers using Amplify Sell By Text have experienced ticket sale conversions as high as 36%

Amplify Features

  • Laser-focused mobile marketing. Reach your target audience where they are and always engaged. Sell your Eventbrite tickets through Amplify's native text enabled payment channel with customizable text messages.
  • Instant event listings. Amplify’s auto-response messaging does all the work! Customers can text your organization keyword anytime to get your event list and buy your Eventbrite tickets.
  • Powerful Subscriber Acquisition. Amplify’s automated and customizable tools make it easy for you to add subscribers to your contacts database so you can send them multimedia (MMS) text messages about your upcoming events.
  • Integrated to Social & Digital Channels. Amplify automatically creates landing pages for each of your events. Instantly share them to your social and digital media channels to help build your subscriber lists and sell your Eventbrite tickets through Amplify Sell By Text.
  • Curated and Custom Lists. Use curated lists Amplify automatically creates for each city your subscribers are located. And, create custom lists with Amplify’s powerful demographics engine from customer purchase history, location, and other key data points.
  • Syncs with Eventbrite. When your customers purchase through Amplify Sell By Text, all their prior Eventbrite purchase history is synced with their history in your Amplify Contacts database.

Text Messaging Stats*

  • 78% of US millennials like branded text messages
  • 50% of US millennials purchase from branded text messages

  • Text messages have a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate

  • 90% of text messages are read in under 3 minutes
*Stat sources:
- Adobe

- Salesforce

- TextRequest

- Callfire

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