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We live at a time where the world has seemingly speeded up - we are constantly connected to the external world via Smart Technology and many people now have the connectivity of working for global organisations where their time zone is different to our own. All good and amazing …. you’d think. However, we are not machines. We are biological Beings with autonomic clocks which require rest and digest, typically throughout a 24 hour cycle. To interfere with these biological mechanisms occasionally is something that your body can adapt to, but asking it to make that irregular rhythm a habit is not sustainable.
Your body has a way of making you listen once it has adapted as far at it can sustainably manage. The communication will be typically via health symptoms, like sleep deprivation, low mental resilience, reaching for sugary foods, and not being able to engage with or feel your current environment.I've spent the past 22 years nurturing my holistic health practice; specifically Nerve Reflexology and Life coaching.
It's become apparent to me over the years that people are missing a huge opportunity to capitalise on future proofing their quality of life by not understanding their biology better; thus use it to their advantage.
I love sharing the process that I've come to call The Business of You, where reflexology and life coaching become the strong foundations of a deeper understanding of yourself, which helps you focus your mind, for greater productivity and really help you take control of both your business and your personal life.

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