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Vertical Sysadmin

Vertical Sysadmin delivers high quality hands-on training on excellent technologies.

Our target audience is new and experienced system administrators and software engineers.

Our product is full conceptual understanding and ability to apply the material.

Our training model is simple and effective:

- in-person training

- by a recognized expert in the field

- in a small class (never more than 12 students)

- with personal attention to every student's progress

- using material carefully laid out in logical sequence from basic to advanced

- with every technical term meticulously defined

- hands-on: 1/3 to 1/2 of each class is practical exercises

- highly interactive: students are encouraged to participate in the class.

Our results speak for themselves:

"Aleksey (trainer) was one of the best hands-on teachers I've experienced in a long time. He is very knowledgeable about the subject, patient and keeps the class focused. His course materials including documentation, examples and exercises were very comprehensive." -- Paul Connally, IT Systems Administrator, PDX, Inc.  "All concepts were presented clearly with working examples of each. Pacing was excellent as well as personal attention paid to each student."
-- Charles Farinella, Systems Administrator, Appropriate Solutions, Inc.
"I asked to bring Aleksey back because of his personal attention to each student and his tenacity in ensuring that all students understand the material before moving on."
-- Danny from a Fortune 50 Financial Company
"It was more in-depth and intensive than most of the vendor training things I've gone to. Good attention to detail and making sure all points were understood."
-- Michael Stevens 
"Very personal approach to teaching. We are bored to death with power point slides. Most of the class was hands on."
-- Prakash Rudraraju
"The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is just perfect. No bullshit." 
-- Bernard Brandl
"Thank you for such a great class. Been to lots of technical training and you are the best instructor I've had."     
-- Thomas Nicholson, Sr. Systems Management Engineer

We provide public and private training.

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