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Transformative Technology Lab

Our mission is to permanently move a billion people into a state of wellbeing and flourishing by 2030.


We are a global community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors building tech for mental health, emotional wellbeing, and human flourishing. We sit at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, tech, entrepreneurship, and innovation. We leverage exponential technologies like AI, AR/VR/XR, networks and sensors, biotech, neurofeedback, robotics and more to build tech to enable human wellbeing at scale.


We start with this premise – the Future of Work, Society, and Tech DEPENDS on the State of the Human Mind. This question – How do we enable every human to develop their full potential? And this belief -- together, we can create an unprecedented era of human flourishing.


We can take the tech that has taxed our thinking and relationships and use it instead to transform our hearts and minds. We can have greater clarity, joy and connection -- and ultimately more possibility for all of humanity.


We must have flourishing because we cannot solve our other problems without having healthy human minds. Psychological wellbeing was once considered a luxury – something you get at the end of a stressful and fear-filled life. But now we need flourishing – to work, to live, to thrive. This is why we need to build the tech that we really, actually, need. The tech that helps us know ourselves better than algorithms, that helps us connect to ourselves and one another. The tech that supports our hearts and minds. Remember: We can design tech to serve us, to prioritize human contact and connection.

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