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The Moxy Movement

Reinvent Yourself Through Movement

The Moxy Movement is a movement studio that offers various dance, pole/lyra fitness and yoga classes to adults of all ages. It is a space that promotes fitness, wellness and balance to the physical and otherwise, believing that there is no separation between body and mind. We empower the mind/body/heart connection and self expression/discovery through movement. We collect and appreciate various types of movement, and we embrace these as art expression.

Perform and Compete

We are a space that promotes personal growth, and offer help and opportunities to those who wish  to perform and compete within these arts. We strive to give our members the help they need to reach their goals; whether they be to have a fun place to exercise and get fit, to get in better touch with themselves, or to have a place to break into professional performance or competition within these arenas.


Align Yourself

We meticulously incorporate proper alignment techniques and proper kinesiology fundamentals in all of our classes, so bodies and minds can become aligned to optimal health and function. We offer professional Massage/Structural Integration in house, and have a vast collective community of other fitness and health professionals.

We believe that above all else, quality matters. Having the highest quality equipment for safety and longevity is a must. Proper training and further education for our instructors is important to us. We embrace that “the only constant is change”, and embrace evolution for our members, instructors and community, always striving for excellence.

We invite you to call or come in to find out more about us. Regardless of your current fitness level or fitness/dance experience, if you are called here, you are welcome. And we invite you to join us in fun, creativity, fitness and empowerment through movement.

Dare to move; dare to find your own moxy with us!

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