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The Geeky Press

When people ask me what I do with this group, I have a difficult time explaining that because The Geeky Press is as much a philosophy as it is an entity. But I’ll try to explain.

We are a loose collective of writers. We're based in Indianapolis, but our friends span the world. Those friends aren't coming to our weekly writers meet ups or our readings, but we like them just the same. 

We also publish books. Some are our own. Others are anthologies. Mostly, we do this because we love words and we love having fun. Still, o ur works are professionally edited and designed, and the works we curate will be professionally done as well. Our allegiance is to great writing and design, not traditional publishing structures.

Today, I’ve got a wonderful partner in the endeavor, Amber, who hosts readings and helps in all the general awesomeness. We have several other informal partners like Reid Delehanty and Nicole Matthews, both of whom help us plan and run events. And we have more than 80 Indianapolis writers who join us for writing events, reading events, and other literary gatherings.

In other words: this labor of love has become everything I’d hoped it would be thanks to some great partners around Indianapolis, a wonderful graduate assistant who has pulled information and created databases and spreadsheets, and a patient wife who lets me do weirdly crazy things. 


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