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SunWork Renewable Energy Projects

SunWork Renewable Energy Projects is a nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area and California's Central Coast that installs solar electricity systems on small-energy-footprint homes with the help of trained volunteers.

SunWork's innovative model lets it deliver solar power to homeowners with already modest electricity use (and correspondingly low electricity bills) at a third less than the conventional cost, allowing more people to make the switch to solar and enabling broader adoption of this clean, safe, and renewable alternative to the sources of energy that contribute to climate change.

SunWork takes care of every aspect of a solar installation, from site analysis and system design, to permitting and rebate paperwork, to installation, inspection, and continued support. SunWork is deeply committed to creating a safe, energetic, enjoyable, and meaningful experience for its volunteers, and to achieving the highest standard of quality and convenience for its customers. 

SunWork also installs solar systems for small nonprofit organizations.

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