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Pay-it-Forward Networking Programs

"Pay-it-Forward Networking Programs Team" is you!  Anyone with the heart and time to help and encourage others are welcome to join us in organizing the "Pay-it-Forward Events."  We simply encourage you to engage with working friends and also engage with other friends in career transition to see where there may be a win-win opportunity to help the company and the community.

There are four type of events you can organize:

1) "Pay-it-Forward Networking Tours" - organize a tour of a company to learn about the company and stay updated on current technologies.  Engage and network with working friends.

2) "Pay-it-Forward Networking Training" -  organize a forum for volunteer speakers to teach a commingled audience of working and not working professionals to build a culture of continuous learning.   

3) "Pay-it-Forward Networking Panel" - organize a panel of experts to volunteer their time to solve company problems with no strings attached.  Practice to stay sharp in your domain expertise.  

4) "Pay-it-Forward Networking Mentors" - aims to forge natural relationships between young professionals/students with seasoned O&G professionals. 

Help and encourage other by organizing and creating a forum under the banner of continuous learning where working and not working professionals network and commingle in a natural setting. 

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