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Mick is the proud single mom of 10 year old Jack.  After many adventures living in great communities on the East Coast and in London, she decided to raise him in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Mick searched for opportunities for Jack to donate his time in Greenwich, and while she discovered many fantastic non-profit organizations, she was not able to find one where children can be the volunteer.  It is important to her that Jack be raised with the spirit of giving to others and that they be a part of the community.

Mick founded 30Every30 to ensure that young people in Greenwich have access to local volunteer opportunities on a regular basis.  

The idea behind 30Every30 is simple:  

We all have 30Minutes to donate Every30 days.

30Every30 is not focused on donating money - we are focused on creating opportunities for youth to donate their time. 

Each month (or so) we will feature a new organization.

Register on to receive future invitations featuring:

Military Men and Women from Greenwich, Hospice Care, Nathaniel Witherell, Greenwich Public Schools, Cancer Support and more.

Please take a few moments to learn more about us at

We welcome the ideas of our youth, feedback from parents and the opportunity to support your non-profit organization that serves Greenwich.

Contact Mick directly:

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