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I currently am involved in many projects where I “Do Good in the Neighborhood”

I was born in Los Angeles and have lived in Los Feliz since 1987. I have two children who started at Ivanhoe and graduated at Marshall.  Some of my interests are hiking in Griffith Park, woodworking, cycling, and camping.

I've been a community volunteer for many years.  I have participated in neighborhood clean-up activities, including the Great L.A. River Clean-Up.  I’m presently on the Governing Board with the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council as chair of Public Health and Safety Committee.

I helped organize the National Night Out for the last three years.  I'm currently developing Map Your Neighborhood to help in case of earthquake or other disasters.

I am a 15-year volunteer with the American Red Cross, teaching CPR and First Aid. I have been a CERT member for 15 years and have participated in many mock trainings. During our search and rescue training in Griffith Park I encouraged others to express their ideas, listened to all sides and made a thoughtful decision. This resulted in creating new solutions for a positive outcome.

We live in a wonderful community I would like to help make it a safer and better place.

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