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Maximum Balance Foundation SPC

Maximum Balance Foundation SPC was created as a partnership between business leaders, educators, and accelerators to address the need to prepare students for professional Information Technology Network Support Careers.

Together, we offer Good Relationships to all and hope to children and their families.

CityLab Professional: Learn without Limits

Visionary leadership, practical experience and drive toward action have helped many diverse groups move one step closer to their own digital educational vision, we celebrate that idea by building a proving ground for Makers called CityLab Professional.

CityLab is pioneering a path to jobs that are yet to be needed as we move towards the world where 'things' are connected to each other over the internet, giving not only critical skills information, by offering third-party certification and on-the-job opportunities we excel in reducing recidivism.

The CityLab Network Academy strategy is to provide State-Certified Technical Training programs in a Productive Laboratory, involve an attempt to serve over 50,000 students in over 8 Academies in 8 states and the District of Columbia in urban schools through small learning communities.

We are enthusiastic and willing to help regional, state, national and global educational organizations work in partnership with their community to establish IoT Career Pathway Models.

Start-up Weeks & and Hackathons

Our events introduce three NGOs, describing both their methodologies and results; to inspire city leaders, economic development teams, and localists with the tools they need to move from hopelessness to tangible progress; to create a renewed sense of community and to understand how and when to invite an innovation partner to come in and inject their methodology, thinking, and best practices.

Entrepreneurs in Residence

The 36-month outcome is a lean startup group of secondary schools, community colleges, labor agencies, and employers and industry representatives that commit to building career pathways leading to jobs in high-demand industries that offer stackable credentials (i.e., a sequence of credentials that can be accumulated over time); in advance of anticipated IT Sector growth.

CItyLab Professionals help from the artisan community to assist in our one-year pilot makercity project, coming this year to Hayward, CA!








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