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Lighthouse Creativity Lab

At Lighthouse Community Charter School we are striving to shift our educational practice so that students can pursue the college and career of their choice. The Lighthouse Creativity Lab supports this goal by supporting teachers to bring maker education into their classrooms.  The Creativity Lab believes that maker centered learning has a deep impact on all learners — adults and kids. By placing learners in the driver’s seat of their education, making supports them in developing agency and affecting positive change in their communities. We offer professional development that supports teachers from any context in integrating making into their practice in order to help them empower their students.


The Lighthouse Creativity Lab integrates making into our schools’ practice because it deepens student learning and increases student ownership of that learning. Our K-12 program serves students at Lighthouse and Lodestar and helps community members see how design-make can be integrated into an entire school program. We believe all students are designers and makers, and want our students to pursue their own passions by providing them with the opportunity to design and make at any age. The Creativity Lab is a program of Lighthouse Community Charter Public Schools.


Important Note: All Title 1 and OUSD teachers may attend our “Designing Making Experiences” for free. Registration is free because we believe that all students should have the opportunity to design and make. To receive this discount, please email and ask for the promo code.


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