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LIFTEFFECTS hosts conferences, seminars, workshops and provides a speaking platform for those extraordinary people to share their stories, with the intention of planting the seed of hope, passion and encouragement in every person there to reach for their dreams, believe in themselves and help others become great. The atmosphere is one of passion, commitment, determination, persistence and leaves both the speakers and the audience with one question what difference have I made, what can I do to help. The ethos behind LIFTEFFECTS is what makes it so incredible.

The intent of the conference is to transform, support, build and champion causes as the speakers share their intimate, personal, family and business stories without holding back.

Sandra Nelson who set up this world-class Conference is the founder of LIFTEFFECTS says that it is not about the glory or fame of a person but is about recognizing that the greatest gift we can give is by telling our stories so people can learn from it. The greatest legacy we can leave is that of stewardship to leave things better than we met it and the greatest purpose and dream is that which involves helping people without such there is no true purpose or dream. If such is the mentality of many not about individual glory or fame our world will be better because everyone is helping and supporting.

She says that she understands that alone she can run fast but together and collectively an impact can be made and a crusade started that will outlive even our existence when we are far gone and our message come in very simple,passionate,transformational and lifting.

LIFTEFFECTS recognizes that every person that has sacrificed their time, money and energy to help someone to stand while still standing is a true star and such people are usually given a recognition star award for making a real difference in the lives of many and our world.
It is open to diverse audience, business owners and non-business owners, professionals and non-professionals, speakers and non-speakers, leaders, entrepreneurs ,mumterpreneurs ,dadterpreneurs, government officials ,employed ,media and it gives one an opportunity to meet and network with real people as well as learn so much, It is usually a life changing moments.


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