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L & J Spirit Journeys

Our retreats are intensive, inward journeys to guide you through your spiritual enlightenment, awakening, and embodiment of unity heart-centered consciousness. Each retreat location is carefully selected for the energy and natural beauty to best faciliatate the teachings with some time built in to explore the area. We offer three different options: The Enlightened Journey, The Awakened Journey, and The Embodied Journey. The goal of The Enlightened Journey is to release that which is binding you to loneliness, emptiness, numbness, and pain and to awaken you to remember your true self beyond the social persona that has been trapping you. The goal is to remember who you are, release what isn't serving you, and incorporate a sense of wholeness, peace and lightness of being in heart-centered and unity consciousness without trauma, pain, guilt or shame. The Awakened Journey is an inward journey of self-discovery of your natural metaphysical talents, abilities, and gifts and is a beautiful process of remembering, hands on practice, psychic in the round. Come give yourself the gift of a safe place to truly work with, practice, and learn about different metaphysical modalities and tools. The Embodied Journey is an inward journey of integrating the true you with your path of mastery and walking through life from a place of unity heart-centered consciousness. It's about embodying spiritual truths, new spiritual paradigms and reality based in the heart and 5D energies.  

You are such a divine being and it's time for you to now live from the heart and spread your truth and unity heart-centered consciousness throughout each moment of your life. When you come at life from a place of connectedness, you make the biggest impact on the world. So shine your light as you walk your path of mastery and be the best version of you each day.

For further information L & J Spirit Journeys and the bios of Leslie Addison and Julie Denton, please visit:

We look forward to walking along side of you as you learn and grow and awaken to your authentic self.

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