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How Might We Do Good

We're a bunch of people - mainly designers and researchers - who want to do good, ethical and meaningful work for all people and the planet. But, there are barriers to doing this. Some of those barriers are obvious, others are abstract.

We get together to talk about the concrete problems and articulate the abstract ones. We're crafting ways to overcome these problems and striving for change without knowing all the answers in advance.

Many of our core questions ask:

What needs to change so that we can prioritise real problems - the ones that need the most attention - and create a world that we'd want to live in?

How do we guide our day to day work to help us make ethical decisions, and fight for what's right?

Where can we focus our actions - from the individual, to the collective, to the structural, the ideological and the global - to create meaningful change?

We welcome all kinds of critiques and approaches - from the conservative to the revolutionary - because we need practical and radical thinking to create meaningful change.

Our ideas won't always be in sync, and that's okay. This also won't suddenly burst into a billion-people strong movement, and that doesn't make this work any less important.

Even if there's only a few of us working together for all people and the planet, we're on the right track.

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