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Donna Richmond has a wealth of biomedical knowledge from her 20 year background in pharmacy and natural health as a professional Specialist Kinesiologist. Donna runs a well respected and professional, private clinic - Activated Nautral Health, in her hometown of Whakatane. The clinic offers specialised kinesiology, Angelic Frequency healing and Universal Love Frequency classes. Donna actively supports the Divine Ascension program of Caeayaron, and regularly travels to the UK to assist at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations.

Jules Boonen's background is 10 years in Montessori education and later as a professional spiritual medium in private practice and teaching spiritual development classes. Jules actively supports the Divine Ascension programme, travelling to Divine Pineal Gland Activations and offering Angelic frequency healing and teaching Universal Love Frequency Classes at her established private clinic in central Whakatane. Together, Donna and Jules bring a diverse mix of energies and experience to this  workshop.

Accredited by The University of Light, as Sacred World Healers, magnetically attuned Universal Love teachers, Donna and Jules were activated by CAEAYARON in 2015, through his Designated, Archangelic Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
They are able to hold special frequencies to facilitate Angelic Love healings and teach groups and individuals about Divine Love Force energy, and how to grow in the New Awakening Healing Flows - to heal mankind and the Planet Earth into Greater Love.

To discover more about the work and purpose of Caeayaron, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and The Divine Love Ascension Team, please visit

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