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GetOpen Sessions

GetOpen Sessions is a free form facilitator of dance music, community building and holistic events. Seeded in Brooklyn but rooted in global friendship, GetOpen Sessions is a theme based vehicle for artistic expression and cultural awareness; bringing the love, culture and energy of dance music to the masses in an open, family friendly and socially conscious atmoshere.

Seeded over 20 years before but officially founded in 2006 by friends and music lovers in Brooklyn, NY to facilitate their exploration of movement, dance; the unsung classics and house music B-Sides. They came together to celebrate the achievements of one of their own and discovered a mission. GetOpen Sessions has evolved into a theme based vehicle of artistic, culinary, cultural expression, wellness and awareness with the inclusion of Urban Sanctuary, Inc.

The GetOpen Sessions Park Tour's mission is to bring the love, culture and energy of Dance Music Culture to the masses in an open, socially conscious, family and community oriented outdoor environment by collaborating with local like minded artists, performers, community groups and events nationwide; bridging the gap between the global dance music community; performers; arts and cultural groups and the next generations of dancers and artists.

We are a culture of 4 life. The dance floor is the door.
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