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Gary Palmer Jr
Gary Palmer Jr. is a public speaker, marketer and technology coach, who discovered Bitcoin while working at a startup in San Francisco, in 2013. Gary is the founder of "" and "", headquartered in Rochester, New York.
As a passionate public speaker, teacher and entrepreneur, Gary has traditionally broken complex subjects into easy and obtainable knowledge, for technologists, executives, and the consumer audience. He grew up with the internet, in the days of Netscape, AOL, and Oregon Trail, and evolved with the rise of Internet protocols and Internet communications technology. 
This knowledge extends to Gary's direct experience in traditional payments, Point-of-Sale, and merchant services industry, which has dominated the financial world for the past century. As Bitcoin and Blockchain technology continue to consume our world, Gary believes it is critical to give Bitcoin our attention and to learn how to take personal responsibility. 
Gary offers strategic consulting to a small number of companies that are aligned with his interests. He also offers free educational meetups and online material, to expand common awareness of Bitcoin, security, and best practices in a changing and decentralized world.
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