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Functor Group AB with subsidiaries, co-hosted by several startups (contact us!)



With official launch of Functor Prevent™ Cloud Services, a SaaS/TaaS tool for incredibly easy adoption of Functor Prevent R2+, powered by Scalor™ R1, Functor Group sets new ground after having dissiminated a major Investments in theoretical and applied programming and software engineering research, and years and years of product development with a strong track record of customer success, internationally, with the THE MOST ADVANCED TOOLS, AUGMRNTING AND NOT CHANGING BEST-PRACTICES METHODS, PROCESES AND TOOLCHAINS, RE-INNOVATING THE VERY NOTIONS OF AUTOMATION, TESTING, DDD, DOMAIN ENGINEERING, MODELLING, HIGH PERFORMANCE AND CLOUD COMPUTING, EMBEDDED, IOT, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE, and uniquely delivering tools that constitues a leap forward for static code analysis, IoT software, embedded software, games, FinTech, …, energy and infrastructure software, software modelling, requirements analysis, domain engineering and domain-driven design; ”THE NEXT AGILE”, to cite Amazon AWS CTO (AWS is a cloud computing platform vastly used, with companies such as Apple and Netflix and many, many thousanss more using AWS to drive their products and services, eg iCloud … 


Functor might just be able to help you   overcome some obstacles in your software development, step it up a notch or two, cutting costs, lead times, risks, ... 


Functor’s new technology AUTOATICALLY WRITE YOUR TEST CASES AND CHECKS YOUR CODE, with a new superior combined type of static analysis!


Our tools, plug and play for most types of software development, comes from REMARKABLE REJENT SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES. Now that research of software engineers, testers, etc, EASLY ADOPTED, UP-UP-SCALING WITH INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH.


Functor Group has manu Twitter feeds, including @Functors for the subsidiary Functor, @HybridTesting for this novelty that cuts testing cost while doing the mentioned vastly more powerful static (code) analysis (compared to other tools, with old technology, that are extremely expensive while less useful and less powerful for a range of additional reasons) with @FunctorPrevent and our flagship product @FunctorScalor and the @LanguageDriven methodology that, to put it simply, is 

#DDD minus all that boilerplate,, plus the new technology… 


And yet, all this new power also simplifies development and plugs right into, most likely, your development environment (which might have a variety of other tooling already in place through maybe not yet Functor's technology?)


You can also reach out directly to our CEO, Johan Glimming, at, tel +46-72-3835000 (CET), if you are interested in our products. (He asks that outsourcing offers (we in-soirce our talent!) and job applications follows their designated pipeline, though.)


GREETINGS FROM US AT FUNCTOR GROUP,  with subsidiaries, HQ in Sweden,

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