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Free Python Data Science Meetups on Analytics in NYC at Various Location

Free Meetups on Analytics & Data Science in NYC (Python SQL VBA)

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Check out the notes for our Python DataScience Meetups and create self study plan:

14 Free Sessions:

Python 101 and Object Oriented Python Advanced Python 102 SQL Basics
Machine Learning Fundamentals Scikit Learn 101
EDA Charting using Matplot, Seabourne and Pyplot 101
Pandas for Analytics (SQL and Excel equivalence) 101
Regression and Logistic Regression - Python and the Math Behind 101
SV, Stochastic Gradient Descent, Naive Bayes Classification
Decision Trees and Random Forest Ensemble Models 101
Unsupervised Learning Clustering K-means Neural Network 101
Dimension Reduction using PCA, Lasso and Ridge 101
Big Data Hadoop Spark Mapreduce 101
Natural Language Processing 101
Web Scraping Python using beautifulsoup and selenium web driver 101
Tensor Flow and Keras 101
Django 101, Flask 101

Day 1 Python for data science NYC

Day 2 Python for data science NYC

Azure NoteBook:

Qcfinance - Sponsoring free meetups in NYC

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