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Floyd Marshall Jr and Tracy L Marshall

A little about me, I began my career as an aspiring fitness model and actor. I went on to do various print ads and voice overs as well as numerous independent films. After attending the American Black Film Festival in Miami in 2007, I decided to start my own film company Gazelle Films. I went on to make three short films, one feature film and two stage plays, while also writing shorts for other filmmakers. My latest endeavor is the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards which concentrates on rewarding the independent filmmaker. My new non profit the Independent Film Association of Philadelphia or IFAP will concentrate on charitable contributions, scholarship programs and mentoring for young filmmakers as well as looking to give young people a viable alternative to the traditional four year college white collar degree. We want to help kids explore their artistic talents and hope to give lower income kids choices when it comes to their selection of careers. Along with partnering with various organizations to bring more awareness to filmmaking as a business, IFAP will hold charitable drives specifically geared toward helping kids. We're always looking to partner with people interested in furthering and enhancing the arts as well as building towards children's futures.

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