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Page Content was born out of a desire to teach Excel users to work smarter instead of harder.
My name is Ian Littlejohn and I worked as a management consultant for over 15 years.  During that time I created thousands of impressive spreadsheets for my clients, using complicated formulas and functions like macros and VLookUp to achieve the desired results.  One of my biggest frustration was that it was extremely time consuming and a simple mistake could result in many additional hours wasted trying to figure out where the problem was. 
​I knew there had to be a better way and that’s when I discovered Excel PivotTables.  That simple discovery, over 8 years ago, changed my life overnight because I could now create amazing reports and analyse data in minutes!
​I quickly realised that most of my clients and colleagues, who were all regular Excel users, were also not aware that this amazing tool existed, and those that did know about Pivot Tables did not realise it’s true power.
That's when I created my first training course, and since then we have changed the lives of many of Excel users.
Over time, as Microsoft released new Excel technologies, I developed more courses, teaching business people to easily create powerful reports, analyse data and develop interactive dashboards. Technologies such as Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI fundamentally change what Excel users can do today. 
What used to take hours, days and weeks to create in Excel can now be achieved in minutes.
More recently I started working with Google Data Studios and I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting developments with regards to data analysis and visualisation.  
At we focus on both the Excel BI tools and the Google BI tools because both of them offer unique functions and fit into different niche markets.
Our courses are run in the classroom (in-house or at a public training venue) or online, making then accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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