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Page Content is a social networking website and resource for singles and parents. It provides legal guidance, mediation info & advice. combines education, directories, forums and dating applications intended to connect friends and potential mates, while giving people information about divorce. It is known as a safe haven for those curious about divorce and for divorcees seeking like minded peers. provides users with local events & and a calendar for divorcees. Dating, coaching & social network of peers to help guide you through. users create a profile page that shows their friends, networks and information about themselves. The choice to include a profile in a network means that everyone within that network can view the profile. The profile typically includes the following: Information, Status, Friends, Friends in Other Networks, Photos, Notes, Groups and much more.

About Raphi Salem: was founded in 2012 by Internet entrepreneur Raphi Salem. Raphi would like people to know that all of his business is personal. He absolutely mixes business with pleasure, and is a proud father of two children.

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