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Deep Laxmi

Deep Laxmi is a Self-image Mentor, Speaker & Author helping people boost productivity, performance, and profit:

by setting big worthy goals,

changing their self-image,

turning old habits into new lifelong successful habits

for an abundant and fulfilling life.

Her Coaching and Teaching is based on the Science of Self-Image: Our self-Image and our habits are interlocked together.

Change one and you will automatically change the other.

We cannot outperform our own self-image, so to bring out the desired change in our lives, we must challenge the conviction of what we believe about our self.

She has been studying the science of self-image for over 25 years and believes in getting better with each day.

She has trained and coached number of clients across the globe including teens to achieve better self-image, attitude, career selections, performance, increase in profits and growth.  She lives with her husband and their three handsome boys in California. 

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